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Motifs taken from a scene reminiscent of somewhere you have been before

A new collection from echino’s Huedrawer is here. Huedrawer was created with the theme, “feeling like putting on a ‘color’ from a ‘drawer of hues.’
A silky cotton sateen fabric comes in very bright colors, producing a light feel. It is a textile perfect for clothing as well as for bags and small items. The theme for the new collection is “one scene.” Motifs from nature and scenes reminiscent of somewhere you have been before are recreated with patterns in familiar designs. As an accent, silver and gold prints are sporadically featured in all fabrics. Through this treatment, a subtle light overtone can be appreciated.

fox box  JG96300-300 60Sateen JG96300-300_1kokka-fabric.comJG96300-300_2

The design features foxes peeking out of burrows that are drawn in a “box” form. Though the design is simple, silver and gold sides of the box work as an accent, making this fabric look both cute and unique. Since the motifs are little, small items as well as bags and shirts will look great in this fabric. Black and blue color series can be perfectly utilized for items with unisex feel.

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New Textile with a Sense of Warmth Derived from Handiwork

TSUMIKI is a series that proposes high quality fabrics to cherish the texture through a combination of special treatment and materials. The much-awaited second series is finally here! This new series is inspired by handiwork from around the world…for example, Japanese Sashiko, Kantha embroidery from India, carpets from Turkey and Morocco and traditional costumes of Europe. The end result is a beautiful textile that expresses the warmth of the handiwork.

Cross   Cotton/Linen Broadcloth

This series features a special treatment called flocking. Flocking is the process of depositing many small fiber particles onto a fabric surface. Flocking print creates a fresh look to a cotton/linen fabric through delicate unevenness like velvet. Inspired by traditional European costume, the fabric features a cross motif. The borders on both sides will stand out and create a stylish look as a skirt, dress or for the hem of a curtain.

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Pleated Tote

about 20cm (l) x about 28cm (w) x about 8cm (d) (not including handles and pocket) 

This tote bag has ample tucks on the main body of the bag. It was previously introduced in July’s craft & sewing, using a denim-like double gauze fabric. This time, the material is a relatively thicker cotton linen canvas. Polar Bear from the Nordic Animal is featured. Using a different fabric creates a bag with a more casual feel, even though the same pattern was used.

Design & Work:Kokka Fabric

Fabric shown for this sample:
 P38400-402 (E)

□ Outer fabric: 70cm x 110cm wide
□ Lining fabric: 40cm x 110cm wide
□ Fusible quilt batting: 75cm x 90cm wide


Click here for Sewing Instructions (PDF format / A4 size)