Kid’s Dress

Size: 110cm (dress length)   Today’s project is a dress for a child made with a whimsical patchwork-style print fabric filled with round flower motifs and geome... read more

Six-patch hat for kids

 Size: 54cm (around the head) Today’s creation is a six-patch hat made with Cheering Bear fabric from the pokefasu series. On this fun fabric, playful bears wit... read more

Lunch Bag

Size: 30cm (top opening width), 18cm (bottom width), 12cm (height), 12cm (depth) This lunch bag is made of a fabric designed with lovely hedgehogs that remind y... read more

Cami dress in double gauze fabric

Size: Dress length about 107cm Today’s project is a cami dress made with “Sitting Geese,” a new double gauze cotton fabric from Ellen Baker’s Framework collecti... read more

Clutch Bag

Size: About 32cm (l) x About 25cm (w) An ever popular item, a clutch bag in Ellen Baker’s new print, Framework, is featured today. It combines two cotton-linen ... read more

A reversible vest in double gauze fabric

Size: 37cm (garment width) 35.5cm (length)(for 110cm height) Today’s project is a reversible vest for boys made with a fabric filled with boys’ favorite pattern... read more

Garden Apron

Size: about 40cm (length) Today’s project is a garden apron using Colorful Bouquet, a gorgeous print fabric full of colorful flowers. Known for her works with s... read more

Sun visor

Size: 46〜62cm (around the head) A joyful fashion show featuring animals is a theme of the Animal Runway series of fabric. Today’s project, a sun visor, uses an ... read more

Throw pillow cover

Size: 41cm×41cm(for a 41cm×41cm pillow) This is a second project using the Irome series of fabric. From the collection, the winter fabric was selected today. It... read more

Accessory Case

Size: About 9cm (W), About 15cm (L) (when open) About 5cm (when closed) A palm size small accessory case is today’s project. Mioko Sugino, a popular hand craft ... read more

Bags, small cases and drawstring bags made with ready-to-sew fabric

Size: Bag 30cm (L) x 50cm (W)   In today’s column, we are introducing easy instructions for bags, small cases and drawstring bags made with ready-to-sew fabric.... read more

Cami Dress

Size: Dress length 80cm Today’s project is a cami dress made with “seed,” a 150cm-wide large print fabric from echino’s 2014 collection. This fabric contains a ... read more

Throw Pillow Cover

Size: 45cm×45cm(for a 50cm×50cm pillow) Today’s project is a throw pillow that comes in three colors, made with a polka dot border design from the Geometry of t... read more

Caramel Pouch

Size: 12.5cm (w), 10cm (h), 10cm (d) Today’s project is a caramel pouch (caramel wrapper shaped small case) made with a folded gusset. It is something that you ... read more


Size: 13.5cm (largest width), 50〜59cm (around the head) Today’s project is a headdress made with mosaic from the JUBILEE collection. Stained glass-like transluc... read more

Rose corsage in a double gauze fabric

Size: about 7cm (diameter of the rolled rose) We are introducing a rolled rose corsage created by titocetera, who runs handmade*titocetera*, a web store featuri... read more

Miniature Basket-Style Bag

Size: 5cm (w), 4cm (d), 5cm (h) (largest size bag) A tiny basket-style bag was created using various fabric pieces cut from a patchwork design fabric with small... read more

Clutch Bag

size:27cm (l) x 38cm (w) Strapless and handleless clutch bags are increasingly gaining popularity in the world of handcrafts. Responding to this move, a popular... read more