Size: 13.5cm (largest width), 50〜59cm (around the head) Today’s project is a headdress made with mosaic from the JUBILEE collection. Stained glass-like transluc... read more

Rose corsage in a double gauze fabric

Size: about 7cm (diameter of the rolled rose) We are introducing a rolled rose corsage created by titocetera, who runs handmade*titocetera*, a web store featuri... read more

Miniature Basket-Style Bag

Size: 5cm (w), 4cm (d), 5cm (h) (largest size bag) A tiny basket-style bag was created using various fabric pieces cut from a patchwork design fabric with small... read more

Clutch Bag

size:27cm (l) x 38cm (w) Strapless and handleless clutch bags are increasingly gaining popularity in the world of handcrafts. Responding to this move, a popular... read more

Gathered skirt made only with straight stitches

Size: Skirt length 55cm Today’s project is a skirt made with stripe patch fabric from Joielinne. It has colorful tones and is perfect for all seasons. The creat... read more

Cartonnage Round Box

Size: 18cm (h), 24cm (bottom diameter) We are introducing a project using a Finnish textile. It is an interior décor item made with AJATUS. This fabric is cover... read more

Girl’s maxi dress by Snoopy fabric

This is a maxi dress for a young girl, made by soft and absorbent “Yoryu” fabric. The smooth- textured fabric is perfect for the coming season. It turned out so... read more

Slip Dress made with Finlayson fabric

Finished Measurement:43cm (front chest), 83cm (dress length) Today’s Craft & Sewing project features a slip dress made with KEISARI fabric from Finland’s p... read more

GARDEN Butterfly case

Size (roughly): 16cm (l), 22cm (width at top opening), 6cm (d) Today’s project, made with Ellen Baker’s GARDEN series fabric, is perfect for this time of the ye... read more