Daily lives as motifs Ayumi Toda (aka fabrica uka) engages herself in all aspects of creation from textile design to production. Retaining the world of fabrica ... read more


The natural whisper is turned into textiles A fantastic series of fabrics have arrived from Finland! The series, Kuiskaus, a Finnish word for a whisper, is desi... read more

3min. 2

Easy sewing with a simple linear cutting Continued from last column, 3min. is featured, both in a #10 moire raised fabric. With proper thickness and tension, it... read more


Getting the clothes you want – fast and easy The 3min. made its cool debut at a 2016 collection event in June. The concept is easy and simple clothes-making. Li... read more

Ao (Blue) 

Double gauze fabric that is also suitable for adults Ao is a series that reminds you of a blue from indigo and porcelain. Techniques like brush stroke and color... read more

echino 2016 Knit

The world of echino is now expressed in knit fabric The popular designs from the echino 2016 collection are now in knit fabric. It has a different texture and t... read more

baby gifts – double gauze

Perfect for a baby gift! Soft textured double gauze fabric now features small prints, making it perfect for babies. Hoping that people will make gifts for babie... read more

Nordic Line

Lovely Animals with a Scandinavian Flair Following last week’s double gauze Soft Animals Series, popular animal motifs are here again. The featured animals are ... read more

Soft Animals

Popular motifs for zakka general merchandise are all featured The idea behind this series is introducing a fabric that has a versatile pattern perfect for creat... read more

TSUMIKI 2016 Spring Summer Collection

‘Reading the wind’ TSUMIKI is a series that proposes non-conventional high quality fabrics to cherish the texture through a combination of special treatme... read more


A warm scenery expressed with a technique called “Chigiri-e” The second series of Törten is here! Törten is designed by Natsuki Camino, who is a grand prize win... read more

naniIRO textile 2016 vol.4

The long loved line, Basic naniIRO special Vol. 4 is here. This time, six designs from Basic, the oldest ongoing design since naniIRO’s beginning is featured. P... read more

naniIRO textile 2016 vol.3

Dreaming of a rustic beauty of the Japanese colors and textiles naniIRO special Vol. 3 is here. This time, three designs, ori-some, Bed-Grass—— Cozy and Beautif... read more

naniIRO textile 2016 vol.2

A piece that delivers happiness in a quiet manner. Any part of the fabric has such presence like a piece of abstract painting. Following the feature from last w... read more

naniIRO textile 2016 vol.1

A poetic world created by Naomi Ito The April textile story is a special issue featuring naniIRO. Started in 2002, naniIRO textile is a brand that incorporates ... read more

Trefle Cucito

Double gauze for grown-ups in understated color tones Soft and superabsorbent double gauze material is popular for making children’s clothing and face masks. Tr... read more


Themed after the memories of a trip Have you ever heard of the word, wanderlust? The word is rooted in wander and lust in German, which most likely means one’s ... read more


Filled with scenery and memories encountered on a trip The featured textile is FABRIC CARAVAN BY YURTAO, designed by textile designer, Momoko Kinoshita, from YU... read more

Sas and Yosh Textile

The world of happy confusion A joyful textile collection from UK-based artists duo, Sarah Bellisario and Yoshie Allan is here! Its theme is ‘The world of happy ... read more

Irome2016 2

With deepening autumn colors and snowy winter in mind Continued from last column, we are introducing new designs from Irome, a Japanese four seasons themed fabr... read more