echino Knit Jacquard

echino design expressed in the form of a soft knit A very first echino’s knit jacquard fabric is here. Taking softness and stretch into consideration, the desig... read more

Creative Thursday “the tinies”

A World of Tiny Objects Spread Throughout the Fabric “Creative Thursday” is a blog started in 2004 by an American designer, Marisa Anne with a wishful idea, “En... read more

Trefle Cucito

The Theme is Wearable Double Gauze for Grown Ups Double gauze is normally thought to be used for a baby’s items or face masks with designs targeted for children... read more

Showa Retro

Japanese Style Design with Nostalgic Motifs A nostalgic fabric with a feel of the “Showa” era is here. In olden days, workers at shoyu (soy sauce) and liquor st... read more


For Lovers of Pop and Colorful CARAMEL-CRUNCH★Fabric is a collaboration project with Marinko, store manager of CARAMEL-CRUNCH★ and popular creators of CARAMEL-C... read more

Trefle Petit Series

Tiny Print Fabric Perfect for Making Small Items A lovely fabric perfect for making small items like bags and pouches is here. This fabric comes in calmer tones... read more

Lace Print

Lace Collage Recreated in Print Style Lovely lace design fabric is here. What inspired this design was the “Premiere Vision Paris” trade show in Paris. At this ... read more

Tiny History

Tiny Print Double Gauze Fabric Perfect for Creating Small Items Fluffy and soft texture double gauze fabric is a favorite among crafter moms. Tiny History is a ... read more

Denim-like Patchwork & Herringbone

A faux design fabric that will broaden your sewing possibilities Continued from our last column, a denim-like fabric is here again, featuring patchwork and herr... read more

Denim-Like Double Gauze and Trefle-D

All eyes are on this year’s trend – denim! Originally considered work wear, nowadays denim is a fashion must-have item. Did you know that denim is one of the ho... read more

Scandinavian Diary

Wondrous Stories Born from One’s Imagination Scandinavian Diary is a textile by Danish designer Lisa Grue, who is active in illustration and graphic work for fa... read more

echino Jacquard Series

echino with a Touch of Class Featured today is a beautiful jacquard echino fabric with a touch of class and richness. “In jacquard weaves, shades of the matched... read more

Trefle Sparkle

Sparkly Fabric with Gold and Silver Powders This is a simple design fabric using abundant gold powder for its print. The “Canvas #8” is a thickest fabric that c... read more

Runlala Rabbit

Pop Design Fabric with Fluorescent Pigment A Bold design print with fluorescent pigment is here. Neon color is intentionally placed on top of the unbleached cot... read more

Monochrome 2

Perfect Fabric for Bags and Interior Décor Items Continued from last column, we are introducing Ellen Baker’s new collection, Monochrome. This time cotton/canva... read more


Modern Designs in Soft Touch Fabric Atlanta, USA resident and quilter Ellen Baker’s new fabrics are here. The collection is very stylish and carries over a meta... read more

10th Anniversary / 2015 echino fabric collection 3

150cm-wide Cotton Linen Broadcloth Starting with the theme “color journey,” this is echino collection’s third in its series in 2015. This 150cm-wide cotton line... read more


A ribbon, a girl’s favorite motif, is featured Whether for a girly look or for a romantic appearance, a ribbon motif is adorned with a currently popular parakee... read more

pastel trefle

Double gauze fabric perfect for children’s summer clothing This is a series that is suitable for use for the upcoming season. A soft pastel tone is perfect for ... read more