Nordic forest

Animals and Plants of the Nordic Forest The concept of this series is the “Nordic Forest.” Creating bags for zakka (knickknacks) loving ladies in their 30s and ... read more

Anna Berger

Colorful fabrics that make your heart filled with blitheness Scandinavian designer Anna Berger’s fabric is here. Featuring animals and flowers as motifs, Anna e... read more


Different materials for different designs JUBILEE is a brand by designer Yasunobu Shimizudani. The brand concept is “Creating an item that is derived from a pri... read more

Irome 2

The Joy of Mixing Colors Continued from the last article, Irome’s new collections “Autumn” and “Winter” are featured. These fabrics remind you of the natural sc... read more

Irome (color tone)

Expressing the Natural Colors of Japanese Seasons In the Irome series, fabric is used as a medium to express the unique colors developed by the Japanese since a... read more

Cascade Stripes

A Parade of Stripes! The name of the series, Cascade Stripes, means stripes in various widths. Floral, geometric, and animal – variety motifs have turned into l... read more

TSUMIKI (Toy Blocks)

Committed to fine texture. A textile that is a notch above. An innovative fabric that is a notch above. A specially treated textile made from high quality mater... read more

HANAg (Hanagram)

A textile born with a concept, “Designs made with flowers.” HANAg is a vivid design fabric with a row of beautiful flowers and delicious-looking fruit. Emi, an ... read more

Trefle Sparkle

Sparkly Fabric with Gold and Silver Powders This is a simple design fabric using abundant gold powder for its print. The “Canvas #8” is a thickest fabric that c... read more

charms 2

motifs for good luck Following the last column, here are Ellen Baker’s charms again. This week we introduce cotton linen series. “The sheep are in celebration o... read more


touches of gold metallic Here are Ellen Baker’s collection, Charms. “I wanted to continue to focus on simple geometric designs in this collection while bringing... read more


A textile that uses a technique called “Chigiri-e” to express its style It is finally here! We are introducing the textile designed by Natsuki Camino, who is a ... read more

10th Anniversary / 2015 echino fabric collection 2

color journey 2 Following last week’s introduction, more designs from echino are here. Featured today is a fabric with small motifs. It is a very echino-like de... read more

10th Anniversary / 2015 echino fabric collection

color journey echino is celebrating its 10th year anniversary in 2015. “Since the collection started, I treated the ‘fabric’ as a place to tell a story. echino’... read more


Perfect for making items for a new school year Trefle is a series of fabrics that feature boys’ favorite items like vehicles and the girls’ favorite items like ... read more

Kurokun The Crayon

A blockbuster bestselling picture story book, Kurokun The Crayon is now introduced as a fabric! Korokun The Crayon, is a blockbuster bestselling children’s book... read more

Hello Kitty

From kids to adults, a fabric to be enjoyed by everyone! Attracted to her adorable look, Hello Kitty is loved not just by kids but by many adults. Broadly marke... read more

petite ecole (for boys)

Featuring little boys’ favorite motifs, trains and dinosaur design fabric is here! petite ecole, a perfect fabric for making school items, is here. Following th... read more

petite ecole (for girls)

Featuring little girls’ favorite motifs, strawberry and cat design fabric is here! It is now time to start creating items in preparation for the new school year... read more

Kwiat druk

Flower motif fabric inspired by the tableware from Eastern Europe Simple, warm and somewhat nostalgic tableware and everyday goods from Eastern Europe are quick... read more