Kokka-san’s rabbit cat dog

Healing and relaxing animals Many types of Yuruchara* are getting popular all over Japan. Now Kokka has its own lovely Yuruchara, called Kokka-san’s rabbit cat ... read more

Puchi Puri (Petit Print)

A tiny print series perfect for small item projects The best fabric for making small items is a tiny print – perhaps many crafters agree. Fabrics with eas... read more

plump cheeks

Proposing an intelligent yet cute fabric! The name plump cheeks means inflated cheeks in English. This intelligent yet cute fabric in four different designs is ... read more

soft breeze

A fabric that evokes a soft breeze Perfect for sewing clothing, a double gauze fabric is here! W (Double) gauze is a material with double-layered gauze fabric. ... read more

petit Etoile

A story of a little girl who dreams to be a prima ballerina petit Etoile features a design of jolly-looking ballerina girls dressed in tutus. In French, Etoile ... read more

echino ni-co

echino’s sub series, ni-co is here! ni-co is a collection that was first created in 2008 with the “unisex simple” as its concept. Systematically aligned rhythmi... read more

petit bonheur

A fabric that brings you a small bit of happiness The name of this series, petit bonheur, is a French expression, meaning a small bit of happiness. This time we... read more

Border with changing patterns

Enjoying the design combination in one fabric When making clothing or bags, it is always fun to think about different design and color combinations. At the same... read more


Putting on colors from the drawer of hues Popular series echino is introducing a cotton sateen fabric, perfect for sewing clothing. The name is Huedrawer. It is... read more


Stylish succession of motifs like a paper cutout The name of this fabric, kirigami, stands for the Japanese Kirigami, the art of papercutting. The aligned anima... read more

Lighthearted 2

Enjoying a variety of color combinations Continued from last week, today’s column features a retro and bright print fabric, Lighthearted. This series consists o... read more


Retro and bright print like the designs from 1930s “Lighthearted” means fun, cheerful and interesting. As the name depicts, this happy and fun print fabric remi... read more

Joielinne2 Autumn

Perfect fabric for clothing to small items! Familiar to the readers of this column, Joielinne is a series created to feature “fabrics that can be enjoyed by eve... read more

comfy animals

A lineup of cute animal motifs is here A perfect fabric for a fun fall/winter clothing project, popular animals like sheep, elephants and polar bears line up li... read more


Numbers are a universal motif! Numbers are a common language wherever you go. This universal motif is enlarged and turned into a simple textile. A solid #10 can... read more

Geometry of the Nordic 2

interesting repeated motifs create a fun element With a theme, “Putting on a simple Scandinavian design,” this is a second series of the Geometry of the Nordic.... read more


Colorful animals are all gathered here! Today’s fabric is by Niji$uke, the artist featured in KOKKA Fabric’s recent Inspiration column. The overall theme is col... read more

Joielinne Autumn

Sewing matching items for the whole family♩ Continued from our initial introduction back in March 2014, the Joielinne’s new design has arrived. The name, Joieli... read more

pokefasu × KOKKA

A fun world filled with silly jokes, graffiti and pranks! This week we are introducing a collaborative work with pokefasu, a fun brand designed by Junichi Chiba... read more

Tiny Animal

A perfect fabric for small goods – filled with tiny animal designs Owls, hedgehogs, bulldogs…..these popular animal motifs fill this small print fabric. Etching... read more