nunokara series #3 Rotkappchen (Little Red Riding-Hood)

A chic “Little Red Riding-Hood” look, in an etched-style graphic Once again, we are happy to introduce a story on nunokara, a series of KOKKA original fabrics. ... read more

Ecole de Paris

the good old days in Paris Here we introduce the chic fabric line depicting the good old days in Paris. Its name “Ecole de Paris” means School of Paris, which r... read more

Musikkiste von nacht

a lovely tale of chatty bears Today we feature “Musikkiste von nacht” that means “music box of the night”. This lovely fabric line is designed by the illustrato... read more

mélange bon bon

polka dot & stripe in “kawaii” colors Polka dots and stripe are always popular as basic prints. Here we feature “mélange bon bon”, the fabric line which in... read more

20W gauze

the airy and soft texture Today we introduce the soft “20 (/’ni-maru/)(*) double gauze”. 20 indicates the thread size. The smaller the number, the thicker the t... read more

Ruby Star Polka Dot

the retro and stylish prints are perfect for clothes or bags! Melody Miller, who was the first guest for our “visit artist” column, recently released her new co... read more

tiny dancer

dancers loved around the world The fabric line we are introducing to you this time is by melimba. The textile brand is run by Melissa Wood and her sister Rebecc... read more

Little Pink & Brokiga

lovely characters from Sweden We will introduce you to the lovely fabrics from the book series “Little Pink & Brokiga” which was created by Stina Wirsen a ... read more


Pop and colorful fabric loved by followers of “kawaii”(*1) items We covered CANDY PARTY as the 2nd guest for our “visit artist” column. Marinko is one of the de... read more


Less obtrusive and simple geometric patterns Continued from the previous article in this column, we are covering Ellen Luckett Baker’s newest collection FOLK MO... read more


Inspired by American and Dutch folk arts We featured STAMPED by Ellen Luckett Baker in this column last May. Here is her brand-new collection FOLK MODERN. “FOLK... read more

ueda college collection x KOKKA

collaborative project with Ueda College of Fashion Students of Ueda College of Fashion in Japan who frequent fabric stores are all experts at textiles. KOKKA ha... read more

PEANUTS Yoryu fabric

Favorite Snoopy even as an adult Kokka releases many fabrics with popular characters throughout the year, and today’s favorite features a Snoopy fabric. Snoopy ... read more


Pop Cinderella in American comic version On May 6, we introduced “nunokara” in this column that is themed on well-known fairy tales. This time we feature its se... read more

“Moku” double gauze

Let’s make summer wear It is early summer. The sun is getting stronger day by day bringing out a slight sweat. This time we introduce the double-gauze named “Mo... read more

“Showa Retro” collection

Redesigned Showa Fabrics with Contemporary Sensibility In Japan, both the Gregorian calendar and the traditional Japanese calendar with eras based on the reigni... read more


Versatile Geometric Designs Here is the fabric collection by Ellen Luckett Baker in Atlanta, who is the fabric designer, author of the blog The Long Thread, and... read more


Inspired by Fairy Tales KOKKA has produced a number of unique and beautiful printed fabrics. Among them, the fabric inspired by “Little Red Riding Hood” has bee... read more