Stylish Rope Bag with a Grommets Accent – Sewing Instructions

Characterized by a tightly squeezed rope closure, this drawstring bag is quite stylish with the addition of grommets. The 100% cotton fabric is from the African-design-inspired JAMBO series. Easy to handle for sewing beginners, this oxford material with the right amount of thickness is a perfect match for bag making.

Design & Work:Kokka Fabric

Fabric shown for this sample:(Outer Fabric) LG-39060-1D

□ Outer Fabric: 110cm wide x 60cm
□ Lining Fabric: 110cm wide x 50cm
□ Fusible Interfacing: 110cm wide x 60cm
□ Rectangle Buckle: One piece (3cm wide)
□ Adjustable Slide Buckle: One piece (3cm wide)
□ Grommet: Twelve pairs (1cm inner diameter)
□ Rope: 1cm wide x 100cm
□ Twilled Tape: 2cm wide x 8cm

Size:about 40cm (l) about 35cm (w) about 18cm (d) (Excludes shoulder strap)

◎Sewing Instructions

◎Sewing Instructions (PDF format / A4 size)