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A tray with marguerite daisies embroidery


While cherry blossoms are falling, the pink-tinted streets in Tokyo are turning light green with fresh leaves and buds. Floral shops are full of colorful flowers as if to manifest spring is really here. In the above picture is an item I found during a time when floral motif tends to be more popular especially in spring. This is so graceful, isn’t it? The “cartonnage” tray with embroidered marguerite daisies was created by Chigusa Inoue who leads her embroidery and crafting class named Atelier Claire. Cartonnage is the art of making fabric-covered stationary items, which originated in France.

Inoue says, “Since I encountered embroidery and cartonnage, I have felt pleasure in expressing myself through the creative activities with needles, threads, and fabrics. One day I thought, “How wonderful it would be if I could share such a fun thing with someone!” That is the reason I started to run my crafting class.”

During the small-group lesson with a cozy atmosphere, Inoue inspires her students to be careful with their works so their products will last into the future. Indeed, most of her cartonnage products shown in her website are in the classical taste. This marguerite daisies’ tray is the subject of her charitable lesson which partial tuition will contribute to The Great East Japan Earthquake Fund. Inoue continues, “I made the crafting tutorial of this tray with my prayer for anyone affected by the disaster would return to the way they were before as soon as possible. I recalled the importance of connecting with others, too. I hope each participant in the fundraising lesson will make their own tray hearty and lovely as symbolized by the marguerite daisies embroidered on it.”

The tray is in suitable size for temporarily storing embroidery tools, or to be used as a sweets serving tray when you have guests. It is also perfect as a wall hanging!

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