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Hand-dyed Silk Hydrangea


Japan’s rainy season is from early June to mid-July.

While many flowers sparkle in the sunshine, the beauty of hydrangea is enhanced by the drizzling rain. The hydrangea is spectacular to our eyes by changing colors over time in the rainy season until midsummer. It may be the only thing we are looking forward to in gloomy weather… I feel that way about hydrangea.

Hand-dyed silk flower artist Atelier deco depicts the beautiful color gradation by her hand-dyed creations. She dyes each petal in natural light in an attempt at expressing the appearance of the flower. Every year at this time, she feels like making various hydrangeas.

She expresses the change of a purple hydrangea by shifting petal colors; from pale green to light purple and dark purple at last. The one in the picture above is perhaps in the early stage just prior to becoming darker.

As well as looking like real flowers, silk flowers can have a better essence of the flowers with creators’ expectations and hopes such as “It is fading. I want to preserve the flower’s beauty in its short life. ”

The reason people are fascinated with the silk flower’s beauty may be that it contains the creator’s hopes.

You can see the website of Atelier deco at

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More fun sewing with playful bobbin organizers


There are just as many bobbins as there are sewing machine threads. How do you store bobbins? One crafter organizes bobbins by color in glass containers and displayed on a shelf. Another crafter sets out bobbins orderly on a perforated board panel. I have seen at crafters’ ateliers that bobbins are displayed as beautifully as ribbons and buttons.

“More fun to sew.” With such a thought in mind, hat & accessories designer Coco&Ami has created a playful bobbin organizer. What an amusing design! The bird’s trunk and wing are for your bobbins. Not only bobbins! You can put your thimbles in it, too. As a matter of fact, the small hat the bird is wearing is a pincushion! The magnet placed at the bottom of the hat will help you to catch scattered pins and needles. There is a thumbtack hole on the back of the bird, so it can be hung on the wall. Pretty and practical… it is indeed a great product!

This is your opportunity, how about making your own “atelier” with lovely and fun decorations? The creative atmosphere may bring you more ideas for your new projects.

You can see the website of Coco&Ami at

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Display your dress artistically


“Eau-de, Fleur”, the designer of fabric flower jewelries and accessories, frequently updates her popular blog on her life and stories behind her creations.

The photos in her blog show you her creations displayed beautifully as well as how her DIY projects have room interiors “extreme makeover”. You may be compelled by the attractive photos to scroll down to see more.

The blog is filled with many ideas which you want to incorporate into your life. Among fascinating pictures, a photo captivated me with a camisole on an iron wall hanging.

The contrast between a soft textured fabric and a steely iron object… With the additional attraction of a sweet floral item by “Eau-de, Fleur”, the combination of three creates a tender atmosphere.

By displaying your clothes on such an iron wall hanging could be a sophisticated interior decoration.

How about showing your dress for tomorrow like this? Such a “stage” for your clothes may give you another look of coordination to develop your sense of fashion.

You can see the website of “Eau-de, Fleur” at


Pop Cinderella in American comic version

On May 6, we introduced “nunokara” in this column that is themed on well-known fairy tales. This time we feature its second series, “Cinderella”. Cinderella is one of the most famous princesses in the fantasy world and the storyline is what many girls dream. KOKKA’s design team has represented such a girly story by using a pop American comic style. The bold and unique fabric is perfect for a casual bag or robust kids’ clothes.

American comic F100-1


  • cin_ame2
  • cin_ame3
  • cin_ame4

It features the ball, the pumpkin carriage, and the glass slipper which are the significant scenes in the story. The Cinderella story has been transformed into an American comic, including dialogue. How about cutting out your favorite frame to use as an appliqué or a pocket of a bag?

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The One & Only Doll on Earth


Originating from her passion for handmade craft, the doll creator mimiwn started her own doll series “una-na” in 2003. una-na is a rag doll made from scraps of her favorite fabrics and dresses. Her recent creation “knitted una-na” has been featured in the Japanese knitting magazine named “Keito-dama”.

Stylish Parisienne, Hawaiian girls…. mimiwn has created each with its own unique characteristic. It is truly one and only doll on earth.
The reputation of una-na, which mimiwn plugs away at sewing with pleasure, has spread by word of mouth. In fact, hundreds of una-na dolls have already gone to her customers. mimiwn sometimes receives a request for a custom-made doll using the customers’ own favorite clothes.
mimiwn says, “ ‘una-na’ is the only one for you in the world. While picturing the receivers’ happy faces in mind, I delve into sewing and knitting”
Don’t you have a dress you once loved and cannot wear, but you hesitate to throw it away? Isn’t there any fabric or button waiting to be used? Isn’t it wonderful that such a “useless but favorite” thing may come back to you as a doll?
You will soon prepare for different set of clothing for the coming summer. If you wonder what to do with your well-worn clothes, how about using them as materials for handmade crafts? You might discover “treasures” you never expected.

You can see the blog of “una-na” at