Plump Cheeks

Overflowed with fun! Cute and intelligent fabric line.

Plump Cheeks is a brand established by a handmade craft artist, June, along with a variety of creators to introduce cute fabrics. The brand consists of a cute and intelligent series of fabric and as the name indicates, its concept represents an abundant flow of knowledge, creativity and fun. Today we are introducing a fabric designed by a Japanese entertainment personality, Yu Kimura who is known for her Harajuku style fashion and is a Kawaii (Japanese concept of cute) ambassador.

Chocolate in Paris again  H3048-1 Cotton Broadcloth

  • pc1_2
  • pc1_3
  • pc1_4

The Eiffel Tower is covered with chocolate syrup. The design is sweet yet elegant and romantic. It is a versatile fabric, perfect for casual projects such as a tote bag or a dress. It is also great for elaborate design items including Lolita style dresses or ribbon embellished headbands.

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Inspiration file29
Tea cozy with Russian embroidery


It is the mid of November, and everything around us has been decorated for the coming holiday season. Among the Christmas decorations, a small display saying “November 1 – Black Tea Day” caught my eye.

In Japan, November 1st is the day of black tea, which was established by Japan Tea Association in 1983. Why November 1st? A cup of tea keeps us warm on a chilly night or cold winter, but is that the reason?

The fact is, this commemoration day came from an episode of Daikokuya Kodayu (1751-1828), who was a Japanese castaway. His ship encountered a storm and wrecked on the Aleutian Islands. After 4 years on the island, Daikokuya and his crew managed to escape to the Russian mainland. Eventually Catherine the Great allow them to return to Japan. During his stay in Russia, he was invited to her tea party and had a cup of tea. It was on November 1, 1791. That is the official record of who and when the first Japanese had a black tea.

In the picture is a tea cozy which an embroidery crafter made with reference to a pattern from the embroidery design book issued in Russia in 1950s for elementary and junior high students. The original pattern was colored manuscript like a picture. The bird on conifer was embroidered colorfully with satin stitch and long-and-short stitch.

The red-stitched works from Arkhangelsk region are well known as Russian embroidery. Like the bird on this tea cozy, nature motifs are frequently used for Russian embroidery. Summer plants such as clover, dandelion, red poppy and chamomile are also often picked as embroidery patterns. Perhaps Russian crafters love to depict their short but beautiful summer days by using those nature motifs.

Though the day of black tea was passed, enjoy your crafting time with Russian tea containing marmalade.

Vintage Style Cotton Broadcloth

A charming fabric with a cute pop design

With a popular character like Mickey Mouse, a vintage fabric evokes a feeling of nostalgia. More stylish moms are making bags from vintage bedding broadcloth utilizing its distinct texture. Most vintage fabrics that you can find are in the forms of remnants and it is hard to find the size you want or may be too pricey as many are imported from overseas. Kokka came up with a character fabric that is as vintage as it can look. A perfect fabric for the interior décor of a kid’s room, it is also suitable for making a lovely lesson bag or shoe case for the new school year.

Mickey Cotton Broadcloth G7008-1 Cotton broadcloth

  • micky2
  • micky3
  • micky4

A very old artwork is used as a motif for this design. By purposely mismatching some patterns, color tones are finished with a retro touch.

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Dinosaur Land

A lovely dinosaur design that is perfect for school and book bags!

In Japan, the new school year starts in the spring time and many schools require certain types of handmade bags for students to carry. Beginning in the previous fall, parents start to get busy planning what types of school items they will make for the new school year. Kokka Fabric annually introduces a fabric series with characters perfect for these school goods. Today’s fabric, Dinosaur Land, will surely be loved by boys. Dinosaur is currently a very popular motif in Japan, seen everywhere from stickers, notebooks to a variety of stationery items. For a quick English lesson, alphabets and dinosaurs are blended into the design. This fabric is perfect not only for school bags but also for a bottled drink holder or a large bag that you can carry to afterschool football or baseball practices.

Mini Dinosaur P24900-900 #10 Canvas

  • di_900_2
  • di_900_3
  • di_900_4

This tiny print fabric is perfect for making small goods such as a bottled drink holder or a school bag. The lovely color tones reflect the strokes similarly created by colored pencils. It is an ideal fabric for making children’s shirts.

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Tiny motifs in succession, reminiscent of a Scandinavian wooden toy

The name of today’s fabric, toistaa means “in succession” in Finnish. As the name indicates, tiny motifs are closely lined throughout the fabric. Wherever you cut, it brings out the same cuteness. It is a perfect fabric to use for beginning crafters.
With tiny print designs, it suits making small cases. By adding a contrasting color piping, you can create a lovely Scandinavian style apron for kids.

Hippo P25500-500 Oxford (OX)

  • toi_500_2
  • toi_500_3
  • toi_500_4

With flowers and trees surrounding the hippo, this design reminds you of wooden toys. Compared to other fabrics in this series, Hippo has a larger print design. A bag for everyday use may be a good choice for a project.

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