echino 15th Anniversary – Message from the designer and kokka fabric

This past October, echino celebrated its 15th anniversary. In commemoration of this special occasion, we designated October as the month of echino, featuring interviews of two popular handicraft artists, Yuki Inomata and Mioko Sugino, and introduced craft & sewing projects with echino fabrics all throughout the month. We hope you enjoyed our special celebration.

2006 – the year that echino started
Pattern ideas from the designer, Etsuko Furuya – the very concept that started echino
These patterns were dyed directly on the fabric by Furuya

echino Catalogues

echino – Traveling Around The World

2006 First Exhibition Booth – Houston, USA

Nantes, France

Cologne, Germany

Seoul, South Korea

Many memories over the last 15 years come to mind.
We know that it was not always easy for Ms. Furuya to constantly be creating attractive designs. For that we are truly grateful and we feel fortunate to have been able to work with her for all these years.
With the love and support of our fans to echino’s fantastic design, we have been able to continue to this point. Thank you to all.

The journey of echino will continue – Stay tuned for more to come.

Lastly, here is a message from echino’s designer, Etsuko Furuya.

As we celebrate the 15th anniversary of the echino fabric collection, I would like to thank everyone who has picked up echino fabric and everyone who has been involved with echino.
I would like to reiterate how happy I feel that this series is loved by so many people around the world.

It was fifteen years ago that I first met the textile manufacturer, KOKKA.
During that time, working with KOKKA and their team who have been actively involved in the development of various textiles, was very reassuring. They were willing to try new things and it was very encouraging to see how they valued new approaches and development of projects that appreciated the uniqueness of echino. And above all, they worked with me to pave the way with the notion “to have a good time together, and to enrich our lives together.” I am deeply grateful for all these years.

The number of original fabrics that I have designed for each season amounts to over 200 patterns. If we include fabrics in different colors, materials, techniques, and methods, we have over 800 kinds of textiles…

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary, I had a chance to look back on these textiles that I love. The memories of the various times I experienced and unexpected emotions came back to me, and it made me realize that “the textiles are indeed interesting!”

I am determined to keep working on expressing the world of echino in the form of textiles and create attractive materials. I hope you will continue to enjoy my work.

I look forward to getting connected with you through the fabric of echino! Thank you for your support.

echino / Etsuko Furuya