Grandrelle Yarn Knit Fabric

A perfect choice for a kid’s hoodie or sarouel pants

The slightly thicker knit fabric is stretchy and perfect for a kid’s hoodie or a pair of sarouel pants. A single color print design lies over a mixed gray color background. This color combination is not too loud and easy to coordinate with other fashion items. Star and pop designs have matching tones and make it easier to coordinate two different designs. You can come up with creative combinations by using the pop design for the main body and the star design for pockets. A kid’s leggings under a denim skirt is a cute idea for this fabric.

Star P25400 400 Grandrelle yarn knit 400_1

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A single color star design with a hand drawn touch is easy to coordinate. For the cold season, you may want to make a cap or a muffler by combining different winter materials such as denim or raised fabric.

Pop designP25400 401 Grandrelle yarn knit

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Fun American pop motifs fill this fabric. It is a perfect design for a kid’s outdoor jacket. By turning this into a hoodie or a dress, you can enjoy cute layered style coordination.