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Perfect fabric to make bags and pouches as your travel companion!

Lately, we hear that an increasing number of women are trying to enjoy their personal time, especially by taking a trip. For travel aficionados, the joy of a journey starts upon arrival at the airport. There you can enjoy the lively atmosphere filled with busy people with suitcases, people who are about to go on a journey or just returning from a journey. With travel as a theme, this fabric was born hoping that travelers will create goods to take along to their adventures.

Sticker P44200-200 #10 Canvas
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There is that famous suitcase that many people put various travel stickers on its rough surface. As old ones peel, new ones are added, and more memories of the trip are accumulated. Thinking that such design fabric might be nice, this print was created printed with some dimensional look. Wouldn’t it be interesting if someone takes out a sticker design cloth bag from a suitcase with a same exact design?

Tag P44200-201 #10 Canvas
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This fabric has a base woven pattern that looks like a seasoned leather trunk. On top of it are the motifs that remind you of the name tags and luggage tags. Subdued color tones of the motifs create an antique look. Why not make your trip more exciting by incorporating convenient pouches in various sizes for organizing your travel accessories?