nani IRO Textile 2017

The Poetic World Created by Naomi Ito

Started in 2002, naniIRO textile is a textile brand that incorporates Naomi Ito’s watercolor painting into fabrics. The brand’s name nani means beautiful in Hawaiian and IRO represents the meaning of color and harmony. The 2017 collection offers a new line of colors and materials added to the standard designs.

wild flower JG10561-1A LinenJG10560-1A_1JG10560-1A_2

Keep on walking as you admire the landscape that spreads out right in front of you.
Quietly picking a wildflower blooming on the ground.
Describing the wonders of the small workings of the nature.

SAAAA SAAAJG10550-1A Shimanto Double Gauze

Let the ballpoint pen flow and draw like the wind.
With its name derived from the river Shimanto, it delivers a comfort that is perfectly clear just like the river.

Fuccra : rakuenJG10371-1C Mallorca Cotton Sateen

“The Paradise” – a place filled with light and where the birds and flowers sing.
As if inviting you to a journey into another world, more sophisticated color tones have been added.
The textile is named after the beautiful sites from all over the world.

Lei nani – For beautiful corolla JG10310-1F tender green Double Gauze

As flowers are turned into corolla and leis, and presented to a special person, I drew these designs thinking that when a handcrafted item is born, it will be handed to someone special.
For this reason, it is named Lei nani, a beautiful flower corolla in Hawaiian.

KOMOREBI ///JG10350-1G sea sing Double Gauze JG10350-1G

Komorebi, the light filtering through the trees, is like a wind in rainbow color. Or could it be a breeze that delivers an aroma?
The light is dancing and the flowers are starting to sing merrily.
It is a piece that brings you such gentle and quiet happiness.