Pop Cinderella in American comic version

On May 6, we introduced “nunokara” in this column that is themed on well-known fairy tales. This time we feature its second series, “Cinderella”. Cinderella is one of the most famous princesses in the fantasy world and the storyline is what many girls dream. KOKKA’s design team has represented such a girly story by using a pop American comic style. The bold and unique fabric is perfect for a casual bag or robust kids’ clothes.

American comic F100-1


  • cin_ame2
  • cin_ame3
  • cin_ame4

It features the ball, the pumpkin carriage, and the glass slipper which are the significant scenes in the story. The Cinderella story has been transformed into an American comic, including dialogue. How about cutting out your favorite frame to use as an appliqué or a pocket of a bag?

monochrome F100-2


  • cin_mono2

  • cin_mono3

  • cin_mono4

The black-and-white illustrations pop out on the vibrant colored base. The letters and items on the fabric are depicted with impacting blacks and shades. This is a versatile fabric to be used solely or in combination with other fabrics.

psychedelic F100-3


  • cin_csy2

  • cin_csy3

  • cin_csy4

The key items in the Cinderella story are designed in psychedelic colors and spread throughout the fabric. This fabric in bright colors such as pink and blue is perfect for clothes for spirited kids.