A dreamy bunny who adores cute things

A very lovable bunny fabric is here! It’s called Usaron*. Usaron loves cute things, tasty food and getting dressed up! A bit mischievous and funny, that is Usaron.
Usaron’s creator, Saki Yamashita says,“Usaron’s movements, poise and motif are expressed all over the fabric. With a slightly thicker Oxford as its material, such everyday personal items as bags and small cases are great. Interior décor goods like curtains and cushion cover are perfect as well. Children’s skirt and parent-and-child matching aprons will be cute to make. If you end up with a remnant, you may cut out the motif for an applique or easily make a stuffed Usaron charm. Placing the right sides of the cutout fabric together, sew around Usaron, turn it over, put the cotton stuffing inside and you will have a cute Usaron charm! With your creative ideas, Usaron will accompany you everywhere!”

*In Japanese, a bunny rabbit is called Usagi. The name Usaron’s Usa comes from usagi.

Sweet Dream  JG35500-500  Oxford (Ox)

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  • 500_3
  • 500_4

Sweet Dream is a polka dot design fabric with pink Usaron and white Usaron. “Three color schemes let both Usaron and polka dots stand out. It fits well with Usaron’s image. I hope Usaron’s lovely smile will cheer you up.” (by Saki Yamashita)

Happy Shopping JG35500-501 Oxford (Ox)

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Usaron is having a great time shopping at a candy shop and a muffin shop. Yamashita says, “In a world where Usaron lives, there are many types of shops. With these shops as a design motif, I recreated the atmosphere of Usaron’s fun everyday life. Try to feel the story in your own heart as each Usaron has its own tale.”

Romantic World JG35500-502 Oxford (Ox)

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In Romantic World, motifs are repeated throughout the fabric. It is a border fabric with so many cute motifs. Tiny Usaron in a white background, larger Usaron in a scalloped design and cherries and ribbons cover the fabric. With three color schemes, Usaron also changes color into raspberry, milk tea and emerald. “Since there are many patterns to choose from, you can enjoy it in a variety of ways by using different cutouts and combinations.” (by Yamashita)