3min. 2

Easy sewing with a simple linear cutting

Continued from last column, 3min. is featured, both in a #10 moire raised fabric. With proper thickness and tension, it is a versatile attractive material perfect for clothing and bags.

Bike JGA20030-1 #10 Moire Raised Fabric Cotton 100%
kokka-fabric.com JGA_20030-1_1kokka-fabric.com JGA20030-1_2

The design inspiration for this fabric is a biker with a bandana on his head. It incorporates a playful element as well. By cutting out along the hatched line, you can make a bandana. While it has a wild image, the sweetness in the details of the geometry adds cuteness. It is a fabric that can be enjoyed by both male and female.

River Rocks   JGA20030-2 #10 Moire Raised Fabric Cotton 100%
kokka-fabric.com JGA_20030-2_1kokka-fabric.com JGA20030-2_2

A beautiful riverside is the inspiration for this design. The wilderness of the river surface, the sound of flowing water, and the flickering rays of the sun – these elements are drawn in watercolors using river rocks as a means of expression.
This is a fun textile that creates different looks depending on where you cut it.