Denim-like Patchwork & Herringbone

A faux design fabric that will broaden your sewing possibilities

Continued from our last column, a denim-like fabric is here again, featuring patchwork and herringbone designs. The Patchwork, with pieces of different denim motifs in various examples, can add a sense of presence to a simple creation. The Herringbone can be enjoyed as a “wearable denim”, as well as for chic and stylish items.

Denim Patchwork  H10100-100 #10 Canvas

Denim Patchwork is a very realistic faux denim-style #10 canvas. The design was created by scanning a picture of cut-up sections of vintage jeans from a thrift store. Even a simple bag will make an impact with this fabric’s intricate design. You can turn a basic apron into something stylish.

Plaid Patchwork H10100-101 #10 Canvas

The Plaid Patchwork is also created by scanning a picture of cut-up sections of vintage remnants. As some plaid designs have their own design rights, careful thought and arrangement were put to this work so as not to infringe upon them. In addition to the elaborate design, the solid texture of this material will be perfect for a simple bag, pouch and kitchen items. Depending on how you cut the fabric, you can create an interesting look with the unique appearance of the plaids.

Denim Herringbone  H10300-300 Combined Weave #20 Herringbone

This chic fabric retains the denim-like texture with a herringbone weave. Thinner than regular denim, it is great for making garments. A tunic or a dress made with this fabric will likely have a mature feel.