Kurokun The Crayon

A blockbuster bestselling picture story book, Kurokun The Crayon is now introduced as a fabric!

Korokun The Crayon, is a blockbuster bestselling children’s book with its series selling 1.8 million copies. The world of Kurokun is now perfectly reproduced as a fun print fabric. This fabric is just right for school items like a drawstring bag and lesson bag or for a smock and an outfit for playing in the sand. Dressing up in Kurokun outfit, let’s be active and play like Kurokun and his friends!

Vehicles  JG・JGQ47000-1  Oxford (Ox) kokka-fabric.com JG47000-1_2kokka-fabric.com JG47000-1_1copyright

Vehicles that appear as characters in the second in the series “Kurokun and His Enigmatic Friends” are featured as design motifs for this fabric. Depending on how you cut it, the look changes significantly, offering a variety of possibilities from a single fabric.

Friends  JG・JGQ47000-2 Oxford (Ox)
kokka-fabric.com JGQ47000-2_1kokka-fabric.com JG47000-2_2copyright

A scene from the first in the series, Kurokun the Crayon, is used as a design motif for Friends. (The scenes from the second and third issues are also included.) Without being in use for a long time, brand new crayons finally find a clean white piece of drawing paper and start drawing freely… While this fabric incorporates a classic design of placing motifs throughout the fabric, the charm of Kurokun is perhaps best represented here.

Stars in the Sky
 JG・JGQ47000-3 Oxford (Ox)
kokka-fabric.com JG47000-3_1kokka-fabric.com JG47000-3_2copyright

An impressive scene of stars in the sky from the third in the series, Kurokun and the Mysterious Ghost, is combined as a design motif with the lovely lined-up crayons from the second issue. With relatively small motifs facing both top and bottom, this fabric is great for making drawstring bags and small cases.