naniIRO textile 2016 vol.2

A piece that delivers happiness in a quiet manner. Any part of the fabric has such presence like a piece of abstract painting.

Following the feature from last week, it is naniIRO special vol. 2. Two designs, KOMOREBI/// and Five senses are introduced.

KOMOREBI /// JG10350 Double Gauze (Cotton 100%) JG10350_4

Komorebi, the light filtering through the trees, is like a wind in rainbow color. Or could it be a breeze that delivers an aroma?
It creates a comfort that takes you back to that day down the memory lane.
The light is dancing and the flowers are starting to sing merrily.
It is a piece that brings you such gentle and quiet happiness.

Five senses JG10360 Double Gauze (Cotton 100%) JG10360_2

Magnificent colors of nature that spread right in front of your eyes.
Is it the color of the sky, ocean, earth or air?
Longing to create a piece that makes you to take in the beautiful sceneries through your five senses.
Any part of it has a presence, like a piece of abstract painting.