naniIRO textile 2016 vol.3

Dreaming of a rustic beauty of the Japanese colors and textiles

naniIRO special Vol. 3 is here. This time, three designs, ori-some, Bed-Grass—— Cozy and Beautiful life are featured.

ori-some JG-10330 (Cotton 100%) JG-10331 Linen Thick Count (Linen 100%)naniIRO_ori-some_JG10330_331_1naniIRO_ori-some_JG10331_2

Weaving and dying. Thinking of these processes that generate the rustic beauty of the Japanese colors and textiles from olden days, each color I found is layered over the gauze and linen, picturing the comfort that it brings.
You may notice a gradation of watercolors that is slightly present on the base.

Bed-Grass—— Cozy JG-10320 Nep Double Gauze (Cotton 100%)  JG-10321 Linen Thin Count (Linen 100%)

The design was inspired by the great feeling you have when you lie flat in a field of grass.
It is a design that offers an ease of use like a pattern, yet it was hand drawn one by one, representing the rhythmic gesture of the earth.
For the first time, I got involved in developing soft and light nep gauze from the selection of its materials to its completion.

Beautiful life JG-10340 Double Gauze (Cotton 100%) JG-10341 CL Canvas (Cotton 85% Linen 15%)naniIRO_JG10340_1

A time that is told by a grand material. It is a poetry created by the rotation of the earth.
With the birth of the elements – the wind, cloud, lake, ocean, river, raindrops and mist. The greens grow on the earth and things gather.
The days are as a result of a wondrous succession, a collection of the ties.
Welcome to the star where the colors shine and a poetry is born.
It is a story of a day, a day that is so grand yet universal.