naniIRO textile 2016 vol.4

The long loved line, Basic

naniIRO special Vol. 4 is here. This time, six designs from Basic, the oldest ongoing design since naniIRO’s beginning is featured.

POCHO JG10380 Double Gauze (Cotton 100%)  JG10381 Cotton Gauze (Cotton 100%) naniIRO_JG10380_2

Delicious colors are introduced in POCHO, a design that has been loved for 15 years.
The subtle colors are easy to coordinate with other elements.
For your enjoyment, a fluffy gauze has now joined the group.

SAAAA SAAAA rondo  JG10390 Double Gauze (Cotton 100%) JG10391 Cotton Gauze naniIRO_JG10390_2

A stripe design named SAAAA SAAAA was first introduced when naniIRO was born 15 years ago.
It is now brought back in a unique and original design with more versatile colors and patterns.

colorful pocho JG16000 Double Gauze (Cotton 100%) naniIRO_JG10600_1

The colorful pocho is pop and bright, yet has a nostalgic look.
It is suitable for a lovely kid’s item or adds a nice accent for an adult.

Fuwari fuwari JG10410 Double Gauze (Cotton 100%) naniIRO_JG10410_2

Like words that saturate the beautiful design that reminds you of a soft touch pointillism painting, the colors that resonate with dignity are now added.

Fuccra: rakuen JG10370 Double Gauze (Cotton 100%) naniIRO_JG10370_2

A paradise that is bold and elegant. Birds and flowers sing as if they are inviting you to journey to a foreign land. More sophisticated colors are now part of the collection.

BIRD EYE JG10400 Double Gauze (Cotton 100%) naniIRO_JG10400_2

Look at the world through the eyes of the birds.
The massive land of orchards, harvest, music of the trees and flowers and plants swaying in the wind. As always, I cannot help but mutter, “Thank you”…