Third Annual Kokka Textile Contest “inspiration”

We are pleased to announce the third annual Kokka Textile Competition, Inspiration. As one of the leaders in the printed textile industry, Kokka is looking for new, young designers to launch our brand into the future. We are looking for fresh, new talent to express themselves in this amazing field.

★Application period
From October 15, 2013 to October 31, 2013.
★Winner announcement
December 18, 2013
★Award ceremony
February 15, 2014
※The award ceremony will take place at Cocca (Tokyo, Daikanyama)

★Theme “Original”
For this contest we do not have a set theme; however, we require that you turn in 3 different patterns with the overall goal of expressing your unique vision of the world. These designs can be of any variety, but we wish that they appeal to a large audience.

We will choose only one design out of the submitted designs.
★Prize money
First prize is 200,000 yen and a royalty contract plus product planning for the winning design.
Runner up : 100,000 yen
Masaru Suzuki (Textile designer)
Masafumi Arita (Textile designer)
Masahiro Tobita (Textile designer)
Ikuko Kawashima (Okadaya Co., Ltd. Product Development)
Kana Mori (cocca Creative director)

★Sponsor Kokka Co., Ltd.

★Entry prerequisites
We have no prerequisites for age, sex or nationality.
We require that the design is not currently being sold in Japan, and that it’ s not part of a contract. If you’ re submitting fabric to the contest,
we ask that that you use Ink Jet, hand dyeing, or other dyeing techniques. In the case of graphic design or pictures, we are looking for designs
that could easily be printed onto fabric. We request that you print out the design and insert it into a folder.
We ask that you use a file; 42cm×59cm or less size, and insert the following:

1. Your profile on a separate piece of paper
2. At least 3 design in each person.
3. Submit the design with the draft image. (example of product images)
*In addition, we cannot accept submissions that are not in the required size or not in a clear file.
4. We cannot return the contest applications once submitted.
*We guarantee that we will not use the designs for means outside of the contest, and we will not give or sell the designs to a third party.

Please apply the format from our home page including all information at below and send to Kokka Co., Ltd. Textile Award Department.
(name, post code, address, phone number, cell phone number, e-mail address, sex, age, employment, and description of your design.)

Kokka Co., Ltd. will retain rights to the winning design so we are unable to return the submitted work.

★Application format
Please click here to download the PDF. (A4 size/ PDF)
You need to have Adobe Reader to open up PDF file.

★Mailing address
Kokka Co., Ltd. Textile Award Department
Tel: 06-6201-2572
Administrator: Yuto Tachibana

Please contact us at