Getting the clothes you want – fast and easy

The 3min. made its cool debut at a 2016 collection event in June. The concept is easy and simple clothes-making. Like three-minute cooking, it reflects the idea of “three-minute sewing.”
Rather than buying a ready-made clothing, making your own clothing is similar to enjoying a home cooked meal instead of simply buying a meal. Even if it’s something easy, if you make it, it can reflect your taste. Same goes for both cooking and sewing.
Masahiro Tobita, a designer for the spoken words project is the creator of this series. With a website already in place (http://3min.info), 3min. is available for sale starting August 1st. How exciting!

Machi (town)  JGA20010-1 Suede Cotton 100%
kokka-fabric.com JGA_20010-1_1kokka-fabric.com JGA_20010-1_2

The design reflects an overview of the hustle and bustle of an orderly land in an urban neighborhood.
Layers of the transparent lines create a rhythm that represents the happiness in town.
This cotton suede fabric has a proper thickness and tension, which makes it perfect for making a pair of bottoms, coats and bags.

Morning Hours  JGA20020-1 Thin Corduroy Cotton 100%
kokka-fabric.com JGA20020_1_1kokka-fabric.com JGA20020-1_

When you wake up in the morning and feel the fresh air, is this the scenery that you see?
The design is derived from such imagination. The washed-out look creates a texture that reminds you of a morning, a start of everyday life.
Three color variations – blue, orange and gray – will pleasantly inspire you to imagine the weather that the color represents.
The thin corduroy material’s soft and flexible texture is suitable for any type of clothing.

Wall JGA20000-1 40 Viyella lightly raised fabric Twill Cotton 100%
kokka-fabric.com JGA_20000-1_1kokka-fabric.com JGA2000-1_2

The design represents various textures of beautiful walls that have aged gracefully.
Whether it’s the walls of a room or a town, time is engraved in a tier to its surface. Why not put on this textile to layer the time you spend?
A thin 40 Viyella raised fabric has a soft touch and is perfect for a light top or skirt.
This fabric also creates a beautiful gathered look.