echino 15th Anniversary – Message from the designer and kokka fabric

This past October, echino celebrated its 15th anniversary. In commemoration of this special occasion, we designated October as the month of echino, featuring in... read more

Furoshiki Tote

Have you ever noticed the “MOST POPULAR POSTS“ ranking shown on the sidebar of this blog? Ranked as the most visited item, the Furoshiki Tote is a very popular ... read more

mina chape

A fanciful textile that tells you a story Designed by an illustrator/handcraft artist by the name of mina chape, this series is filled with emotions that convey... read more

echino 2017 Collection

Blithe Bold Colors echino fabric collection 2017 is here! The new series introduces a colorful and lively collection featuring small to large motifs. The variat... read more

nani IRO Textile 2017

The Poetic World Created by Naomi Ito Started in 2002, naniIRO textile is a textile brand that incorporates Naomi Ito’s watercolor painting into fabrics. The br... read more

Koto Thouin

The brand launched by Kurara Omichi, the top winner of the 4th Kokka Print Textile Competition The new brand by Kurara Omichi, the top winner of the 4th Kokka P... read more


Salad themed new design collection With the concept “Getting the clothes you want – fast and easy”, the 3min., which debuted last year, is a series created by t... read more


Before you know it, a month has passed since we celebrated the New Year. It is already March. In April, with the arrival of a new season, another school year wi... read more


This animal print fabric is accented with little motifs. A series of fabric with micro mini designs allows the motifs to fully appear when used to make small it... read more

I ♥ travel

Perfect fabric to make bags and pouches as your travel companion! Lately, we hear that an increasing number of women are trying to enjoy their personal time, es... read more

echino ni-co2

Chic Color Tones Suitable for Interior Décor Continued from last week, echino’s ni-co is featured. Two graphical designs, sign and mark will both allow you to e... read more

echino ni-co1

A Collection with a “Unisex” Concept Originally started as a fabric series with the “Simple” and “Unisex” concept, ni-co’s new collection is here. This popular ... read more

Nordic Animal

Animal Prints in Scandinavian Style Popular animal motifs are now featured in a Scandinavian style design. Simple drawing touches and color tones on a solid cot... read more

Trefle Kids

A summer standard! – Double Gauze Print Series Lovely animal prints are here! They are perfect for small goods as well as for children’s clothing. The lined-up ... read more

baby gifts – double gauze

Soft touch double gauze A second series of soft textured double gauze, baby gift is here. Featuring soft pencil touch lines blended with a flair of watercolors,... read more

echino Cotton Linen Canvas

New introduction of gold and silver is refreshing! echino’s popular designs now come in silver and gold metallic cool prints! The charm of the standard ec... read more

Parallels 2

Animal prints that are perfect for children’s apparel Continued from last column, Ellen Baker’s new collection Parallels is featured, including two designs of c... read more


Stylish Double Gauze with Geometric Motifs Atlanta, USA resident and quilter Ellen Baker’s new fabrics, Parallels, are here. Inspired from the 1980s style, this... read more


Enjoying the texture of a hand drawn touch “A fabric that decorates everyday living like a landscape painting” is the concept behind the birth of the KESHIKI se... read more