echino Cotton Linen Canvas

New introduction of gold and silver is refreshing!

echino’s popular designs now come in silver and gold metallic cool prints!
The charm of the standard echino cotton linen canvas is the rich texture it creates as it gets used more. The new collection consists of a variety of color combinations including a cotton linen canvas with a great use of natural base colors and chic and subdued tones like gray and black. The cool silver and gold metallic print has a right amount of shimmer paired with playfulness. The introduction of echino with a fresh taste will let you encounter “something” new and different.

piece JG96500-500 Cotton Linen Canvas JG96500-500_2

In piece, geometric block motifs are tied together to create a graphic look. This textile allows you to cut out any piece of the block to enjoy your project. The design-oriented geometric pattern can be used as-is for an interior décor piece. It is also suitable for stylish items like a simple mannish tote bag.

samber JG96500-501 Cotton Linen Canvas JG96500-501_2

An iconic design of echino, the extremely popular samber looks fresh with the dots and deer expressed in a single tone of gold and silver. This interesting design lifts up your spirits.
As the base tones come in natural linen cotton and subdued color variations, this samber is quite different from the previous series, offering loveliness with a cool look. It is simply cute and can be enjoyed with any projects from small goods to a variety of items.

classic animals JG96500-502 Cotton Linen Canvas JG96500-502_2

classic animals features echino-like animals with a background of classic style patterns. This has also been popular among echino’s fabric series since its introduction, adding different twists and materials over the season. Its design element, combined with silver and gold metallic look great in a classic fashion, making this another fabric in the series that will be loved for a long time.
It is great for interior décor items like a throw pillow or a fabric panel. In addition, grown-up items like a chic clutch bag will look perfect in this design.