Monochrome 2

Perfect Fabric for Bags and Interior Décor Items

Continued from last column, we are introducing Ellen Baker’s new collection, Monochrome. This time cotton/canvas fabric is featured. A variety of designs like geometric shapes, Scandinavian style small flowers and paper cranes are expressed with chic colors in different shades of monotone. Depending on the item you make, it can look cute or mature.

Shades  JG42300-300 Cotton/Linen Canvas JG42300-300_2

“Shades in charcoal, yellow, and blue: This print is versatile and great for bags or home decor items. The shades of color and simple geometric design printed on natural canvas make it ideal for mixing with other items.” (by Ellen Baker)

Blooms JG42300-301 Cotton/Linen Canvas JG42300-301_2

“Blooms in black + gold, pink, and blue + silver. These Scandinavian-inspired flowers were created with a painted background for a mottled effect. Silver and gold outlines add dimension.” (by Ellen)

Paper Cranes JG42300-302 Cotton/Linen Canvas  JG42300-302_2

Also featured in a double gauze fabric, this Paper Cranes has a larger crane design and comes in mint, natural + gold, and navy + silver. “This design is inspired by my interest in paper crafts and origami. The shades of one color are highlighted with details of metallic silver and gold.” (by Ellen)