Garden by Ellen Luckett Baker

Inspired by Garden motif

We are very pleasd to feature Ellen Luckett Baker’s new collection, GARDEN.
“All of the prints in this collection were inspired by the geometric shapes found in the garden. Flowers, birds, butterflies, leaves and raindrops, all inspired by nature in its simplest form. The colors have a vintage feel with both bright and muted tones”(Ellen Luckett Baker)
GARDEN collection has 6 prints in total. This time we are introducing three of them. Rest of them are here.

Dutch Garden JG41700-1 cotton/linen canvas

  • 41700_1_2
  • 41700_1_3
  • 41700_1_4

“This print features birds, butterflies and raindrops. I think it has a good feel for kitchen items like placemats, hot pads or table runners”(Ellen Luckett Baker)

Cheater Print JG41700-2 cotton/linen canvas

  • 41700_2_2
  • 41700_2_3
  • 41700_2_4

“For this pattern, I created four designs in small-scale to use as blenders with the rest of the collection. Each section is around 10”, so the fabric can be cut up and used in patchwork. These work really well in quilting, or can be used as a whole cloth quilt”(Baker)

Triangle Flowers JG41700-3 cotton/linen canvas

  • 41700_3_2
  • 41700_3_3
  • 41700_3_4

“This print is one of my favorites. A simple design perfect for a variety of projects, this pattern echoes the shape of a flower with triangle leaf elements. I think it works well for pouches, purses, or totes”(Baker)