fabrics from Ellen Baker – Simple geometric designs are here!


It has been more than a year since Folk Modern was introduced in June 2013. We are presenting a new line of fabrics by an Atlanta, US based quilter, Ellen Baker. The theme for this collection is “Framework.”
According to Ellen, she likes simple designs in limited colors that can be used in a variety of ways. Continued from the previous collection, she once again drew inspiration from geometric forms. The design is plain, satisfying and very versatile for any type of project. In this new series, a double gauze cotton, which will be introduced in next column, is also included. Don’t miss it!

Daisy Chain JG41900-900  Cotton Linen Canvas Ellen Baker Frame work

This fabric with a small pattern is perfect for quilts, bags, and other patchwork items. The colors, royal blue, gray and teal are nice basics to blend with other fabrics.

Steps JG41900-901 Cotton Linen Canvas Ellen Baker Frame work

“This Steps pattern is my favorite print in the collection and I specifically wanted to make bags with this print. I think this print is also nice for upholstery, pillows, and other home decor items.” (by Ellen)

Corners JG41900-902 Cotton Linen Canvas Ellen Baker Frame work

Corners come in three colors – blue, coral, and chartreuse. “The Corners design is a variation on my Circle Flowers print from the STAMPED collection, but abstracted. I also think this one is good for bags and home
decor.” (by Ellen)