Children’s Castle

A soft double gauze fabric – perfect for children’s clothing!

Children’s favorite motifs such as teddy bears and working vehicles cover this fluffy double gauze fabric. A soft material is suitable for children’s clothing like a dress or a shirt. Its superabsorbent nature is appropriate for making a face mask. For pm2.1 air protection, you may want to make one for everyday in different patterns.

Silhouette Wonderland P29200-203 Double Gauze

  • P29200_203_2
  • P29200_203_3
  • P29200_203_4

This Alice in Wonderland inspired fabric is finished with a touch of paper cutouts. A lace and a ribbon addition will turn this fabric into a cute gothic-lolita themed girl’s dress.

Pastel Bear  P29200-202 Double Gauze

  • P29200_202_2
  • P29200_202_3
  • P29200_202_4

Full of lovely teddy bears, this fabric is cute like pop gummy candy. Soft pastel tones suit perfectly for a double gauze material. A girl’s dress in this fabric will have a very gentle look.

Working Vehicles  P29200-201 Double Gauze

  • P29200_201_2
  • P29200_201_3
  • P29200_201_4

This series feature boys’ favorite motif, working vehicles. A kid’s shirt in this slightly vivid color fabric will be perfect for a fun outing.

Owl  P29200-200 Double Gauze  

  • P29200_200_2
  • P29200_200_3
  • P29200_200_4

This fabric has a comical design – it looks as if an owl is under a cap of a mushroom. A monotone color scheme was intentionally selected to keep the design simple. Three white-based colors give a fresh look, which is suitable for making a face mask that can be a fun accompaniment for commuting to school.