Tiny History

Tiny Print Double Gauze Fabric Perfect for Creating Small Items

Fluffy and soft texture double gauze fabric is a favorite among crafter moms. Tiny History is a combination of such popular material and aligned small motifs of lovely animals and matrioshka. It is a perfect fabric for making everyday items like a face mask and tissue case.

Fox P37000-700 Double Gauze

A long-torso, short-legged fox looks lovely in this print fabric. Evenly aligned, the design also has a geometric feel. Why not try to create a boy’s shirt?

Swans P37000-701 Double Gauze

A crowned swan amid orderly lined swans makes this design look stylish. The motifs are especially small in this series, which makes it suitable for making a face mask.

Matrioshka  P37000-702 Double Gauze

Matrioshka is a doll that is nested inside another doll. Lined up matrioshka dolls, from large to small, create the design of this fabric. Soft colors in subdued tones are a perfect fit for a lovely blouse and dress for girls.