keltainen pöllö

A yellow owl that brings happiness

“keltainen pöllö” – this enigmatic sounding name is actually made up of Finnish words. It means a yellow owl. This name was chosen for the series to represent the simple and design-oriented appeal of Scandinavian fabrics. Owls are said to bring good luck and are a popular motif in Europe. Through this fabric, we wish happiness is brought to those who come in contact.
Smooth sateen, versatile broadcloth, slightly thick Oxford (OX) and soft double gauze line up the series with different design motifs. We hope you will enjoy paring the different textures and designs in your projects.

Apple Dots P27200-200   60 Sateen

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  • P27200_200_3
  • P27200_200_4

In this graphical design fabric, apples made of dots are regularly lined. Its bicolor tones remind you of a simple Scandinavian design. With small repetitive motifs covering the entire fabric, wherever you cut it you will have the same pattern and it is perfect for making small goods. Culinary items like oven mitts or place mats will look great in this apple motif fabric. It is of course ideal for making small cases or coin purses.

Geometric Patchwork P27200-201 60 Sateen

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  • P27200_201_4

Small geometric patterns such as dots and plaids make up a patchwork design of this fabric. As if enjoying the optical illusion, it expresses visual excitement. A smooth texture satin fabric is suited for making interior décor items such as a pillow.

Cut Out Border  P27200-202  Broadcloth

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  • P27100_100_3
  • P27100_100_4

Motifs that look like cut outs are lined in succession creating large borders. The border will look quite sharp on a garment such as an apron.

keltainen pöllö  P27200-202 Double gauze

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  • P27300_300_3
  • P27300_300_4

The symbol of this series, yellow owls are used as design motifs in this fabric. The look of a succession of tiny elements is perfect for making small cases and items. A soft touch double gauze is also suited for a bib or kid’s dress.

Matrioshka P27400ー400 Oxford (OX)

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  • P27400_400_4

Graphic representation of Matrioshka covers this fabric. Isn’t their funny looking face interesting? Just looking at them makes you feel relaxed. This lightly thick Oxford fabric with a slight tension will make great bags and small cases.