Stylish Double Gauze with Geometric Motifs

Atlanta, USA resident and quilter Ellen Baker’s new fabrics, Parallels, are here. Inspired from the 1980s style, this new collection features a design in double gauze, cotton linen canvas and flannel, each with two different designs for a total of six. This week we are introducing the double gauze selections.

Hashtags JG42700-700 Double Gauze Cotton 100% JG42700-700_2

Believe it or not, the motif is a hashtag. Looking almost like a stitched design, these geometric small patterns are all over the fabric, making any part of the fabric suitable for projects. A soft touch double gauze is perfect for apparel as well as for curtains.

Intersections JG42700-701 Double Gauze Cotton 100% JG42700-701_2

The motif for this design is intersections. Compared to the lovely small print hashtags, this design looks sharp and stylish. Randomly placed large and small lines create a great contrast against a subdued background. A one-piece dress in this fabric will be quite fashionable!