Rough Cut2

Perfect for clothing for both children and adults

Continued from last column, we are introducing Ellen Baker’s new collection, Rough Cut. This time double gauze fabric is featured. The double gauze has two thick layers of fabric that are stitched together to create a super soft and cozy fabric, perfect for clothing and baby items.

Matchsticks JG42600-600 double gauze JG42600-600_2

For the Matchsticks design in double gauze fabric, I wanted to create a simple design for apparel.

Arrows JG42600-601 double gauze JG42600-601_2

Neon brings pops of vibrant color to the simple arrow design on double gauze cotton. Perfect for clothing for both children and adults.

Whirligig  JG42600-602 double gauze JG42600-602_2

The spinning Whirligig design with neon colors on double gauze is perfect for whimsical and modern clothing.