Ao (Blue) 

Double gauze fabric that is also suitable for adults

Ao is a series that reminds you of a blue from indigo and porcelain.
Techniques like brush stroke and color gradation are utilized to create a pattern with texture. The color combination is kept simple, centering around the themed color, blue. It is a chic double gauze fabric that is also suitable for adults.

Shizuku (Dew)  H11300-300 Double Gauze

With stars in the Shizuku pattern, it creates a sparkling look. Kids clothing will be cute, while outfits for adults will be chic in this fabric. It can evoke many different moods depending on the items you create.

Hana (Flower)  H11300-301 Double GauzeH11300-301_1H11300-301_2

As if it were scratched, the brush stroke creates a floral pattern resembling those on porcelain.
Taking advantage of a large print, why not making a refreshing summer one-piece dress?

Kabe (Wall) H11300-302 Double Gauze

What distinguishes this fabric is the brush touch stroke similar to painting a wall. Like stacked up blocks, the pattern is simple with lined up blocks in related color tones. A skirt in this fabric will look very stylish.