“Moku” double gauze

Let’s make summer wear

It is early summer. The sun is getting stronger day by day bringing out a slight sweat. This time we introduce the double-gauze named “Moku gauze”, which is absorbent, breathable, soft and gentle fabric. “Moku” is from “mokuito” in Japanese or mock twist yarn in English when a few different color threads are spun together.

While its texture is same as a regular double-gauze, the mock twist “Moku gauze” looks like Dungaree. The color is deeper and more muted than the regular double-gauze, “Moku gauze” works for children and adults as well. Your clothes may look reversible and more stylish when you roll up the sleeves because the surface and reverse side have different prints.

The patterns, such as low-key dots or small items, are not eye-catching so “Moku gauze” can be used for making clothes. The fabric’s material color affects the coloration for this line. If you are not sure if you are able to make a dress, why don’t you start with an easy sewing project like a scarf? Just by attaching race ribbon or sewing buttons on the fabric, you can create your own stuff.

hana-batake (flower garden) H4850-50


  • moku_hana2
  • moku_hana3
  • moku_hana4

Small flowers gradationally spread all over the fabric. The floral pattern will look differently as you cut the pattern in a different way. Isn’t it pretty if the part of flowers packed comes to the hemline of your dress or skirt as shown picture here?

monochrome floral-print H4860-51


  • moku_mono2
  • moku_mono3
  • moku_mono4

This simple and gray scale fabric can be used for all types of clothes. From kids clothing to women dresses, it is suitable for all ages. A scarf matching with your dress is also recommended.

polka dots H4850-52


  • mono_mizu2
  • mono_mizu3
  • mono_mizu4

Thanks to the mute color, the fabric with lovely polka dots has a mature look. The fabric print fits anyone for all ages. You and your daughter could dress in matching outfits with this fabric. Or, how about using the fabric to make a skirt for you and a dress for your daughter?

plain H4851-1


  • mono_muji2
  • mono_muji3
  • mono_muji4

You can enjoy the “Moku gauze” texture itself from this simple and solid fabric. It is perfect for a loungewear.