20W gauze

the airy and soft texture

Today we introduce the soft “20 (/’ni-maru/)(*) double gauze”. 20 indicates the thread size. The smaller the number, the thicker the thread. 20 is a bit thick. You can enjoy its soft and airy texture by its wide weave. The colors such as purple and grayish blue have made the fabrics more for adults. They are chic and let you feel a little earlier advent of autumn. The gauze fabrics will work well for your dressmaking projects in the coming season, a dress, a tunic top, or a blouse.

floret P23700-700  20W gauze


  • 20W_700_2
  • 20w_700_3
  • 20W_700_4

The fabric includes all the patterns with small flowers. There is no need to coordinate prints to cut out so even a beginner can use it easily.

bouquet P23700-701  20W gauze


  • 20W_701_2

  • 20W_701_3
  • 20W_701_4

This is the floral bouquet print with big rose accents. It will be great for any project, from clothes, bags and home décor such as cushions or pillows.

wildflowers P23700-702 20W gauze


  • 20W_702_2
  • 20W_702_4
  • 20W_702_3

This is an idyllic and gentle floral print with the image of a flower standing quietly in the field. Your dress or tunic can be finished in a relaxing atmosphere with this fabric.

(*) Usually 20 (twenty) is counted “ni-juu” in Japanese. However for this product, KOKKA named “ni-maru”.
How to count in Japanese;
2 = ni
0 = zero/rei/maru
Zero is the most common, but rei or maru are occasionally used. “maru” means circle ○. 0 is called “maru” due to the similar shape.