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Handmade “zakka” (*)~ Let’s make something to make you feel cool.


We have been experiencing extreme heat.

Long time ago, when there was no A/C or electric fan, people did all kinds of things to keep cool. They generated wind with a paper fan, created a cool atmosphere with sounds or visual effect, and so on.

The cool atmosphere example is a wind chime. When a fresh breeze is coming, the clinking sounds from the glass chime bring us a mental relaxation with visual and acoustic effects.

Don’t you think it would be great if you can make something like it to make you feel cool?

Look at the above picture. It is a ice cream bar in the shape of a magnet made by the needle felting artist Rio Fukuda, who creates unique pastries with felts. Ice cream spills a little bit out from the bite…. How realistic and detailed it is! It’s just amazing!

Such a magnet on the refrigerator may let you reduce your craving for ice cream and cold sweetened drinks. It will not only make you feel cool but also help you with a diet.

You can see the website of Rio Fukuda at

Zakka, originally a Japanese term meaning “many things”, is also used for all the cute little items that improve your home appearance such as household items, stationeries, and accessories.