Joielinne Autumn

Sewing matching items for the whole family♩

Continued from our initial introduction back in March 2014, the Joielinne’s new design has arrived. The name, Joielinne, is a French coined word meaning thrilling and exciting. This fabric is perfect for creating items that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family – Why not make a skirt for a mom and a dress for a child?

Random Stripe P30400-400 40 Double Gauze P30400_400_2

On this print fabric, various flowers and leaves are patchworked in a stripe. Did you notice the hiding acorns in the design? What is nice about this soft and airy 40 double gauze fabric is that it creates a very fluffy look with drapes and gathering. Colorful yet calm color tones remind you of the first sign of fall.
Why not go out for “finding a hint of fall” wearing this fall-like fabric filled with acorns and leaves.

Round PatchworkP29900-900 20 Double fluffed gauze P29900_900_2

Flower motifs and geometric patterns that are cut into round shapes compose this patchwork style fabric. A soft 20 double gauze is fluffed and creates a very airy texture. A dress or a quilted jacket in this fabric will look really cute. It is a perfect fabric for making matching items for a family outing.