Joielinne2 Autumn

Perfect fabric for clothing to small items!

Familiar to the readers of this column, Joielinne is a series created to feature “fabrics that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family.” Continued from our July introduction of the gauze fabric, new lineup is featured today. This includes a brushed cotton flannel perfect for the upcoming season, a corduroy fabric suited for making a shirt or a skirt, and a #11 canvas, popular for making bags and small items.

Owl  P29800-800  Brushed Cotton Flannel P29800_800_2

This nice and smooth brushed cotton flannel fabric will softly wrap your body in chilly fall weather. With a quilt batting in the back, a vest made with this fabric will have a cute finish. A pair of half pants and pantskirt (culotte) will also look lovely. Why not go on an outing dressed in this fabric covered with mushrooms, nuts and lovely owls, motifs that remind you of the forest in the fall? Of course, this warm material is perfect for household items like pajamas, pillow cases and throw pillow covers.

Biased Patchwork P30000-300  Shirt Cord (thin corduroy) P29900_900_2

Rough looking line and polka dots create a pop and cute design on this print corduroy fabric. The slightly thin fine material is smooth and feels soft to your skin. Light and warm texture is extremely comfortable to wear. The thin fabric creates beautiful gathering and drapes, perfect for cute tiered skirts and balloon dresses. A matching parent-child clothing in different colors will also be lovely together.

Grid x Line  P30100-100  #11 P30100_100_2

#11 canvas fabric is the thinnest of all the canvas fabrics and can be stitched easily with a household sewing machine. Small items like bags and cases will look so cute in this fabric. It will also be stylish to coordinate with a solid color fabric. The colors will stand out against a chic fall/winter style.