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 Large Pouch with a Hedgehog print in56_komihinata_1

Few month ago We introduced a lunch bag by Mioko Sugino at the craft & sewing page. Soon after that, I found the same pouch in a different color on her blog. It could be thought of as ‘a bag’ rather than ‘a pouch’ due to its size. The lunch bag at the craft & sewing page was pink but this pouch is a balmy blue. I was eager to introduce this pouch in this column, so I asked Sugino to send me some photos.

As hedgehogs are depicted in etching-like illustrations, it avoids being too cute in spite of the animal motif. That’s why this fabric is so charming. Sugino incorporates an ocean blue polka dot with a blue hedgehog print.

The inside features yellow dot on a solid blue. in56_komihinata_2

The gusset is comfortably wide and the handle is a powder blue tape. in56_komihinata_3

“This pouch is perfect size for travel. The handle comes in useful at the hot spring.”(Sugino) in56_komihinata_4

This hedgehog print is available in natural, mustard yellow, and also comes in pink and blue.

When Sugino introduced this fabric to her blog. She was so pleased to hear her readers commenting, ‘I want this fabric!’. We regret to tell you that our site doesn’t provide a mail order service. But you can find web shops who deal in this fabric. Recommended key words are ‘hedgehog’, ‘hedgehog animal’, ‘cotton-linen canvas’ etc. Have a try….!