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A girly drawstring pouch with Kokeshi doll fabric


“Hmm, I’ve seen it somewhere before…” If you think so, you are quite right! This Kokeshi doll fabric has appeared in our Craft & Sewing column with a sewing tutorial for a bamboo handle bag. Yumi Kanaya, who shared how to sew the bag, also made this drawstring pouch with the same fabric. Sewn together with pink gingham fabric and black Torchon lace. As Kanaya did for the bamboo handle bag, the drawstring pouch turned out lovely.

Kanaya says, “The pouch was made with the leftover fabric from the sewn bag for your column. I made it Nordic and girlish in appearance.” Since the small pouch is very effective in standing each doll out, you can enjoy seeing each face and dress.

The crafter produces fabric accessories from her brand named “Y*RT2 HANDMADE”. Her basic concept of creation is “something nostalgic, girlish, and heartwarming which only handmade can create.” Kanaya makes mostly fabric bags, and she decorates almost every production with beautiful cross-stitch embroidery. Going to Kanaya’s website, you can see a variety of her creation including a bucket bag and cylinder or Tawara*) shaped purse. The site urges your creative enthusiasm to let you say “I want to make it!”

Kanaya’s newly produced bags, including a shoulder bag with elaborate embroidery, exhibited at “Keihanshin Zakka Marche” at Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Building in Osaka. According to her, the event was full of craft lovers.

For Yumi Kanaya’s website, go to

*) Tawara is the Japanese traditional straw bale that was used for storing and transporting rice.