2014 echino Collection

Incorporating geometric designs

Echino’s 2014 new designs are finally here! The collection is accented with many geometric designs with triangles, hexagons and polka dots. With graphic patterns added as design motifs and backgrounds, the cuteness of echino is enhanced with a little bit of hipness.

hide JG95900-900 Cotton canvas

  • 900_2
  • 900_3
  • 900_4

The “ecninolike” animals such as a tiger, deer and owl are seen in and out of the forest. While the design depicts an image of “a piece of painting”, such design elements like polka dots and stripes are drawn into the artwork. A bag created from the hide fabric looks as if it was made from a patchworked material. It brings out a fun element of this fabric.

kalmia JG95900-903 Cotton canvas

  • 903_2
  • 903_3
  • 903_4

While polka dots and stripes are geometric motifs within the hide fabric, kalmia incorporates triangles as its main motif. You can see a bird flying amongst many layers of circular elements.