Cascade Stripes

A Parade of Stripes!

The name of the series, Cascade Stripes, means stripes in various widths. Floral, geometric, and animal – variety motifs have turned into lively stripes! As different widths create varying effects of the look, you can enjoy mixing various stripes and designs. Made from cotton/linen canvas, this fabric is perfect for creating a casual bag such as a rough-looking tote bag. Of course, a child’s dress will also look lovely in this fabric.

Floral Stripes P35200-200 Cotton/linen Canvas P35200-200_2

Flower motifs in retro color tones are the main focus of this fabric. Aprons and skirts are a perfect fit to feature large floral stripes on the hem.

Geometry Stripes P35200-201 Cotton/linen Canvas P35200-201_2

This is an interesting fabric with a layered design of simple motifs like polka dots and stripes. Though the size of motifs is big, why not try making a variety of small items! A completely different look can be created depending on where you cut the fabric.

Animal Stripes P35200-202  Cotton/linen Canvas P35200-202_2

A layered silhouette of animals and motifs create a lovely feel for this fabric. This design is well-suited for making a child’s bag.