Nordic Line

Lovely Animals with a Scandinavian Flair

Following last week’s double gauze Soft Animals Series, popular animal motifs are here again. The featured animals are bears and deer. A Scandinavian-like simple hand drawing is the charm of this fabric. A slightly thicker cotton linen canvas will be suitable as a large bag for an everyday use.

bear face P39400-401 Cotton Linen Canvas Nordic_Line_P39400-401_2

The faces of innocent looking bears in line create a lovely design. Small motifs cover the entire fabric, making it easy to use for a variety of small items including a pouch and a mini bag.

deer P39400-402 Cotton Linen Canva Nordic_Line_P39400-402_2

The woven background pattern like a block print distinguishes this fabric. Enjoy the color combination of the background and the featured lines.