Nordic Animal  

Animal print fabric perfect for bag making

Nordic Animals features Scandinavian-inspired animal designs, reflecting the popularity of Scandinavian taste incorporated in the items sold at knick knack stores. The animals – owls, elephants and polar bears – are mature-looking yet cute. These not so fancy motifs are simply placed together in line. Relatively large designs are featured on cotton linen material. A big-sized bag made in this fabric will have a great impact.

Big Owl P38400-400 Cotton Linen Canvas P38400-400_2

The motif is an owl that looks like a Scandinavian wooden toy. Each color combination is filled with natural tones. By simply using a piece of fabric, an item like a large tote bag will enhance the look of these motifs.

Big Elephant P3800-401 Cotton Linen Canvas P38400-401_2

Elephant motifs that look like a paperwork are scattered all around the fabric. By featuring in the cotton linen material, bright pink and green colors nicely blend in to create a cute impression. In addition to a bag, an apron will look stylish in this fabric.

Polar Bear P3800-402 Cotton linen canvas P38400-402_2

Polar bears are sometimes perceived as scary, but they are increasing in popularity as a motif.
They look mischievous with bowties. The contrast of the base color against the bears’ body color is another element to enjoy with this fabric.