Breeze of Finland expressed in a textile form

Helsinki-based Eri Shimatsuka’s textile is here. The name of the series, PIKKU SAARI, means a small island in Finnish. The ocean surrounding Helsinki is filled with numerous small islands. The design was inspired from such scenery of oceanside living and expressed in the form of a textile.

SAARISTO JG50400-1 Cotton Linen Canvas

SAARISTO means a group of islands in Finnish. The design features an islandscape that floats here and there in a sea of sparkling water. A simple and abstract design in solid cotton linen fabric will be perfect as a textile for interior décor.

PIIRAKKA JG50410-1 Oxford (Ox)

PIIRAKKA means a pie in Finnish. A pie topped with a mound of fresh blueberries is a summer staple. After eating this pie, whether you are a kid or a grownup, you end up with a mouth colored in blue…The design, inspired from various berry pies, will add a fun element to your everyday life.

METSÄMARJOJA JG50420-1Double Gauze 

Metsämarjoja, which means berry of the forest, features a design that reminds you of a forest filled with colorful berries. Wrapping freshly baked breads, covering the basket, making a scarf…this soft and fluffy material expands your imagination.