Nordic forest

Animals and Plants of the Nordic Forest

The concept of this series is the “Nordic Forest.” Creating bags for zakka (knickknacks) loving ladies in their 30s and 40s is the theme for this fabric. The series proposes a simple everyday-use bag that you don’t get tired of, like a small bag for a quick outing during a lunch break or a sub bag for carrying extra items that don’t fit in your purse. The material is a cotton linen canvas with a natural feel. The simple yet bold color print is perfect for making bags and small items.

mountain bear P35300-300 Linen Canvas

A little realistic looking bear is the motif for this design. The bear’s slightly annoyed expression is cute, isn’t it? The color contrast between the triangles and background is stylish. It is a perfect fabric for making a small pouch or a lunch box case.

pepar rabbit P35300-301 Cotton Linen Canvas

Aligned, face-to-face rabbits, like a paper cutout, look very cute. With the right size motif in simple color tones, making a slightly larger tote bag for outings will be a great project.

Nordic tree :P35300-302 Cotton Linen Canvas

Just like the title of this series, the imagery in this design is the Nordic forest. Various trees are lined up in subdued color combinations. A small bag for outings will look fantastic in this design.