Stylish succession of motifs like a paper cutout

The name of this fabric, kirigami, stands for the Japanese Kirigami, the art of papercutting. The aligned animal and tree motifs remind you of mobile décor paper cutouts. Doesn’t it look lovely like a Scandinavian wooden toy? With a simple design and limited use of colors, this thicker cotton/linen canvas fabric is perfect for making bags! Since the design idea originated from the mobile, a cut out of each motif will create a chic fabric mobile as a room décor item.

zou P32000-200 Cotton/Linen Canvas P32000_200_2

The zou features an elephant design, the most popular Scandinavian motif. The elephant, which looks like a paper cutout, is adorned with flowers on the body to create a cute look. With unbleached color as a base, simple color combinations of this fabric make it more versatile.

mori P32000-201 Cotton/Linen Canvas P32000_201_2

A paper motif hanging in a room that is filled with warmth of Scandinavian trees…mori was designed with such an image in mind. The playful accent is the hedgehog that appears unexpectedly among various trees. A slight touch of hand brush painting adds charm to a simple design.

risu P32000-202 Cotton/Linen Canvas P32000_202_2

On risu, a pair of face to face squirrels is repeated as design motifs in the entire fabric. Purple and green, navy and yellow…even though these are so unlike the real color of the squirrel, enjoy the combination of these unique colors.